Babies & Books: A Joyous Beginning

by Claudia Quigg & Katie Gross

($12.00 each or bulk discounts available)

In December 2008, Baby TALK released the latest edition of “Babies & Books: A Joyous Beginning”. The first edition of Babies & Books debuted in 1984 and, since then, has been celebrated as one of the premier parent education resources available today. Although times have changed over the last 20 years, Baby TALK’s mission to positively impact child development and nurture healthy parent child relationships has stayed the same. Baby TALK recognizes that now, more than ever, young families need access to quality literacy programs and services and all of the rich resources these outlets have to offer.

As parents and professionals, we know that introducing children to the world of books and reading at an early age is a critical component of language development. We also know that it is imperative that literacy starts within the family. Baby TALK strives to support the ongoing efforts of hospitals, schools, libraries, health clinics, and literacy programs in educating parents and professionals on the importance of reading to children. Whether you provide a copy of Babies & Books to each newborn family in the hospital, keep a copy of Babies & Books on your library shelf or distribute Babies & Books to every newcomer in literacy program, Baby TALK aims to uphold the importance of your work with all of the families you encounter.

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