Baby TALK Program Resources

For reference and use by Baby TALK (BT) Professionals


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At Screening for Eligibility
  • Screening for Eligibility tool    
  • Parent Interview form    
  • Vision Consent    
  • Hearing Consent    

At Enrollment
  • Individual Family Case File Checklist 
  • Family Welcome Letter    
  • Consent to Release Information 
  • Consent for Photos and Video 
Within 6 Weeks of Enrollment
  • Family Resource Assessment   
  • Individual Family Service Plan 
Service Delivery
  • Prenatal Encounter form  
  • Newborn Encounter form 
  • Home Visiting prep form    
  • Personal Encounter form  
  • Group Encounter prep form  
  • Group Encounter form    
  • Consent to Assess 
  • Transition Document 
  • Intensive Service Exit form 
  • Referrals Document  
  • Family Center-based Contact form 
  • Visit Tracking form 
Supervisors & Staff
  • Service Delivery Protocol HV Observation (short form)  *word fillable
  • Service Delivery Protocol HV Observation (long form)  *word fillable
  • Annual Individual Goal Sheet    
  • Program Development Plan  *word fillable
  • Best Practice - Topics for Inclusion checklist 
  • Parent Information form 

Supporting forms related to Illinois Early Learning Guidelines (IELGs)

Newborn Practice Rountable

The Illinois Newborn Practice Roundtable—a consortium of 50-plus professionals convened by Claudia Quigg, from many disciplines serving Newborn families—recognized the need for our state to begin to bring together “what we know” which can positively impact “what we do” in our services to Newborns and their families.  This document is a first step in compiling such information as a basis for our best practice with Newborns. 

What are your opportunities to grasp infant development opportunities, reflect on your practice, and reflect on program beliefs and opportunities? Click on the book cover below for a comprehensive resource guide! 

*Printing funded by the Illinois State Board of Education.

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