Defining a Successful Home-Visit using the Baby TALK model.

Hilado, A., Allweiss, S., & Hornstein, J. (Anticipated, June 2016).

Funded by: Nims Family Foundation

This article examines the utility and effectiveness of home-visiting services using the Baby TALK model. Interviews with five parents receiving Baby TALK home-visits and four Baby TALK-trained home-visiting professionals were included in the study in order to understand the children and families being served by the Baby TALK programs, the experiences in the home-visiting program, the benefits and challenges of participation for families and professionals, and ways to improve the existing programs offered by Baby TALK, Inc. Content analysis was conducted using the interview transcriptions and common themes are discussed. Lastly, implications for practice, professional development, program improvement, and areas of additional research are also included in the article.

Anticipated: June 2016

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