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Center-Based Education

Early Head Start

Early Head Start

Family engagement and early care and education professionals provide a high quality Early Head Start learning environment and come alongside families as they collaborate around the development, health, and well-being of the child and family as a whole. The program is housed in a DCFS licensed facility. and wraparound resources include health, nutrition, and other services. Early Care and Education is available for children between 6 weeks and 3 years old. Professionals use an attachment care-giving model, meaning children and families are connected to a teacher and will remain with that teacher until the child ages out of the program. Regular developmental and health assessments are conducted and services are individualized. Classrooms are mixed age with a maximum of 8 children and a minimum of 2 adults per classroom.

Center-Based Education - STEPS


Baby TALK Family Engagement professionals credentialed as developmental therapists use an integrated approach to provide half-day class twice weekly for children to receive necessary therapies and engage in developmentally appropriate activities. Children between 6 weeks and 3 years old who have a developmental delay and receive Early Intervention services through Child and Family Connections (CFC #19) are eligible. Ask your CFC Service Coordinator for more information or to schedule a screening. For more information, visit , call 217-426-6199 or 800-758-2705.