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Baby TALK | Family Engagement Model


Baby TALK Family Engagement Model - Approach
  • Trauma-informed, culturally sensitive practice
  • Infant mental health approach

  • Flexibility to meet individual family, parent/caregiver, child priorities 

  • Engaging families in support of optimal early childhood development

  • Applying a developmental approach to family engagement

  • Facilitating family-child interaction

  • Affirming child capabilities and competence in families

  • Actively listening, reflecting and using strength-based strategies

  • Community systems building to provide trustworthy relationships for families


for the greatest impact

  • There is no one way to meet each family where they are
  • The family’s culture, priorities, and interests drive the agenda


for a reflective approach

  • We wonder and seek to understand the perspective of the family
  • Observation is strength based and intentional


engagement and growth

  • The family is the expert
  • Curriculum supports reflection, discussion and interactions in support of child development, family/child relationships and family well being