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Baby TALK | Family Engagement Model


Baby TALK Newborn Encounter

​Build a System.

Identify others interested in serving young families in your community. Learn about their goals and services, and discover opportunities to assist each other in meeting community and family goals. Establish a seamless system of communication so that families may consistently access services.

Screen Every Family.

Cast a net over your specific community in order to identify who is raising children. Use Baby TALK’s Encounter Protocol to learn about families. This may include outreach to hospitals, WIC, clinics or other community locations where families may be found.

Identify Opportunities.

Use this screening to identify opportunities with families, understand services families are already accessing, and build potential relationships to your organization’s programs or other community resources. Build connections immediately to establish trust with families.

Provide Appropriate Relationship-Based Services.

Families may enter services with intensive, purposeful personal encounters. These may be offered through home visits as well as other points within the system of care. Other families may be served through community resources, with ongoing efforts to understand over time when more intensive, purposeful personal encounters are appropriate.

Universal Potential Indicated - Screen, Identify, Provide