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Newborn Encounters

In Action - Newborn Encounters

Baby TALK staff connect with families and their newborns at Decatur Memorial Hospital and HSHS St. Mary’s Hospital Obstetrics Units. Staff come alongside families to celebrate the arrival of their new baby and honor the growing bond between parents and their baby. During this time, staff also listen for ways Baby TALK or other community partners might be of support to the family and connect the family with needed resources. Staff follow up with families in the days and weeks following their newborn encounter when needed. 

Connection to Community Resources

Because Baby TALK connects with all families who have a baby in Macon County shortly after the birth of their baby, we are in a unique position to identify families who would benefit the most from the rich supports that our community offers. Baby TALK also partners with local OBGYN providers, the Macon County Health Department, Crossing Healthcare and SIU School of Medicine to connect with families and provide support and resources.