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Relationships in the earliest years matter and community systems are key to providing opportunities for all children and families to reach full potential.


To positively impact child development by nurturing healthy and responsive relationships during the critical early years.


We envision a society in which all families are engaged in trustworthy relationships to ensure child well-being and positive outcomes for families.

About Baby TALK, Inc.


Founded in 1986, Baby TALK is a community family engagement model which provides the framework to guide home visitors, teachers, social workers, family support specialists and community partners in nurturing school readiness and optimal child development in their community by providing opportunities for infants, toddlers and their caregivers. 

In addition to local programs accessible to families near the national office in Decatur, IL – Baby TALK is an evidence-based, research-informed Family Engagement Model implemented in over 100 active programs nationwide.

The Baby TALK Family Engagement Model is:

  • A framework for community-based programming beginning with a universal screen of families using a relationship-based approach through community outreach such as newborn encounters within the hospital setting. Through these outreach encounters, professionals can identify families who are most vulnerable and who may qualify for intensive home visiting programs, center-based Early Care and Education or referrals to other community resources.
  • A relationship and research-based approach for coming alongside families. Flexible implementation allows professionals to use Baby TALK to fulfill the real needs of communities and families. While the approach is standardized, programs may adapt the model in order to address their goals.
  • A research-based curriculum for intensive home visiting and early childhood programs with foundational developmental information from the perspective of the child, the caregiver and the professional who will come alongside this family supporting healthy and responsive relationships.
  • Implemented by Baby TALK professionals serving expectant and parenting families with children prenatally through age 5.