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Baby TALK | Family Engagement Model




Alignment Document, Curriculum Usage Guide

The Baby TALK Family Engagement model, approach, and curriculum directly support and fulfill HFA Best Practice Standard 6-4.B. Through the aligned approach for engaging families – built into the curriculum – Baby TALK supports both the requirement for evidence-informed parenting materials, as well as the HFA intent in using curriculum.

HFA recognizes that the key to using any curriculum with families is tied most closely to how the materials are used with families versus what materials are used. In turn, Baby TALK firmly believes that pieces of “paper” are worth nothing without the context of strength-based relationships, observation and recognition of family-child interactions, responsiveness, individualization, and a reflective approach.

Through the use of a framework for approach, or curriculum protocols, Baby TALK encounters are always free to “go where family and children are already,” discussing matters of immediate importance and concern. The protocols provide a structure for using time in a way that allows professionals to incorporate those issues with relationship-building techniques, which move us ahead in our work with families. Further, before considering curriculum as a resource, the protocol supports understanding and practicing strength-based observational strategies so professionals may truly Come Alongside families.

HFA programs and professionals have found the complementary nature of Baby TALK to be an asset in furthering HFA’s quality programming through effective engagement of families with a curriculum aligned to the HFA Model.