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Baby TALK | Family Engagement Model


Baby TALK presents at the Opening Minds Early Childhood Education Conference

Chicago, IL – February 2018


Executive Orders, trauma, and supporting refugee and immigrant communities through home visiting


Two Executive Orders issued in 2017 directly impacted immigrant and refugee populations in the U.S. and worldwide as it ordered major changes to the U.S. Refugee Program, placed limits on immigrant visas, and used language that some believe codified discrimination based on country of origin, religion and immigration status. Although a stay was placed on each Order, immigrant and refugee populations have experienced increased concerns around airport detentions, deportation, blocked entry to the U.S., and being targets of discrimination and hate crimes, with many documenting the subsequent mental health effects among immigrant and refugee families with young children. Findings from an RCT involving 200 refugees and undocumented immigrants from seven countries suggest home visiting can serve as a culturally-sensitive and effective approach for supporting impacted families. A panel of home visitors, social workers, mental health professionals, researchers, and home visiting model developers come together to discuss home visiting as a means of reducing trauma symptoms, supporting adult and early childhood mental health, and promoting safe spaces for immigrant and refugee families.