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Baby TALK | Family Engagement Model


Baby TALK – RefugeeOne Randomized Controlled Trial: A study examining the impact of home visitation among refugee and immigrant families.

Hilado, A., Leow, C., & Yang, Y. (2018)

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The Baby TALK – RefugeeOne Randomized Controlled Trial Examining Home Visiting Services with Refugees and Immigrants used a randomized controlled trial (RCT) to test the impact of the Baby TALK Home Visiting Program Model on child and maternal outcomes among refugee and immigrant participants. This final report includes a summary of the study’s research questions, research design, procedures for data collection and randomization, description of final study sample, measures, data analyses plan, findings, and summary and consideration for future research.

This research study’s sample of 200 parents, of either refugee or undocumented immigrant status, with children between ages 3 and 36 months were recruited from the RefugeeOne Wellness Program in Chicago, Illinois. From this sample, 101 parents were randomly assigned to the treatment group and received Baby TALK home visiting services, and 99 parents were randomly assigned to the control group and did not receive home visiting services. Although this study mainly aimed to test for the impacts on parent and child outcomes using the Baby TALK Home Visiting Program Model, the study also examined the impact of home visiting on economic self-sufficiency, improvements in coordination and access to linkages and referrals to community resources, and changes in positive parenting strategies understood to enhance child and family well-being.